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Animals at Home Network

Nov 22, 2018

Robin Small is the human behind the Instagram account and blog: Ontario Iguanas. In the episode, we discuss Robin's iguana collection, the basics of iguana care as well as some of the biggest mistakes new owners make.

Robin's goal with her content is to "Provide a safe and non-judgmental place for people to get any help they may need for their lizard as well as find all the supplies they need to care for their reptilian family members." Over the past few years, Robin has provided online care support for hundreds of iguana owners and has also rehabilitated and rehomed many iguanas. 

Individuals who are passionate about a single species are few and far between in the hobby and I personally think the hobby is starving for people like Robin. Iguanas are a species that tend to be at risk for poor care and they need a reliable spokesperson! Robin fits that role well.  

Please consider supporting Robin on her ventures, links are below! We, here at Animals at Home are incredibly excited about the release of her books and hope you are too!