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Animals at Home Network

Dec 7, 2018

Marc Ouellette is the founder of Little Res Q, a reptile rescue based out of Ontario, Canada. Little Res Q specializes in Red-eared slider turtles. In the episode, Marc and I discuss the basics of Red-eared slider care, why they make such great pets and also a few of the biggest mistakes new owners make.

Red-eared sliders are one of the worst invasive species the reptile hobby is currently having to deal with. Pet turtles are commonly released into the wild and have a devastating impact on native wildlife. Due to their size, durability, and longevity, education is key with this species!

As a hobbyist, it should be our duty to support rescues such as Little Res Q. Marc's rescue is there to help minimize the collateral damage created by the hobby. It is a massive undertaking and by no means is he required to take it on, but he does it because he knows the animals need it. Please consider donating a dollar or two to Little Res Q, without people like Marc, our hobby would collapse under its own weight.