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The Animals at Home Network

Jan 18, 2019

Jana Bell is the Founder of the Amazon Rainforest Conservancy (ARC). In 2011, Jana traveled to South America and for the first time, visited the Amazon Rainforest. Her life would forever be changed from this moment onward. Jana tells us the story of the why she felt compelled to start a rainforest conservation charity as well as the struggles experienced along the way.

ARC currently has 3500 acres of land in Tambopata, Peru under their care.  ARC’s mission is to protect and conserve the ecosystem from illegal forest destruction which includes logging, illegal gold mining, as well as slash and burn farming.  The land under the protection of ARC is home to a massively biodiverse group of organisms including endangered species. 

Animals at Home is one of ARC’s official sponsors. Part of the mission of Animals at Home is to donate a percentage of profits to ARC. For more information and to view the total amount of funds Animals at Home has raised and donated, click here: