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Animals at Home Network

Apr 23, 2023

Zoo Med Laboratories is one of the most well-known reptile product brands on the market. In 1993, Zoo Med created and launched the first-ever reptile-specific UVB lamp and has since been an industry leader in reptile lighting, enclosures, and more. In this episode, we chat with Zoo Med’s Animal Care and Education Director, Ashley, as well as Andrew who is Zoo Med’s Research and Development – Hardware Division. Throughout the conversation, we cover Zoo Med history, the evolution of UV lamp technology, LED UV lights, as well as new Zoo Med products that are due to launch later this year.

I also want to give a special thanks to a few other Zoo Med team members that helped make this episode possible:

  • Miranda, Zoo Med’s Food and Regulatory Specialist
  • Sam, Zoo Med’s R & D / Customer Service / Animal Care Specialist
  • Davy Zoo Med Director of New Media



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