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Animals at Home Network

Sep 27, 2020

Dillon and Bryce chat about Bryce’s move to a new home including how he moved all his venomous snakes. They also speculate what the next big thing in the reptile hobby will be, discuss how to achieve proper ventilation, misinformation on the internet, halogen lighting, overfeeding snakes, and much more!


Sep 20, 2020

Steve Rempel is the owner of Prairie Exotics, a reptile rescue and education business out of Manitoba, Canada. In this episode, Steve discusses his transition from reptile breeder to reptile rescue/educator as well as provides some tips for anyone interested in hosting a reptile expo. We also discuss the local...

Sep 13, 2020

In this episode, Ross Rowan discusses quarantining your animals including how to properly quarantine as well as the negative consequences of not following proper quarantine practices. 

Sep 6, 2020

Roman Muryn, C Eng. is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to reptile heating and lighting. Roman is an engineer and spent a career designing and developing flight control systems for helicopters including the Apache. His background in data collection and system control has allowed him to analyze the way we provide heat...