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Animals at Home Network

Aug 28, 2022

Fraser Gilchrist gives us a deep dive into why he's had such success breeding Egyptian tortoises, and what their care entails. Is this the best small pet tortoise that many keepers are undervaluing? Also, Fraser goes over his projects with wide-mouth agamas, Angolan pythons, and more. Enjoy.


Aug 26, 2022

Phil and Roy have a great conversation with the one and only Eric Haycraft (@casquehead on Instagram). We talk about similarities between Herpetoculture and martial arts, Eric's setups, his ideas around care and progress, how to build a long-term project of lizards, and more!


Aug 26, 2022

Roy and Phil discuss the launch of the podcast, the goals of the show, and thoughts about herpetoculture broadly.


Aug 24, 2022

Phillip Lietz of Arid's Only and Roy Arthur Blodgett of Wellspring Herpetoctulture are collaborating on a new venture together called Project: Herpetoculture. In this episode, both Phil and Roy update us on their current projects and then we delve into the philosophical principles that govern reptile-keeping. What...

Aug 21, 2022

Francis Cosquieri gives us a deep dive into hognose bites, their venom, the severity and the reality of the situation, and the likelihood of a bite. This is a hyper-detailed discussion of western hognose snake venom that all owners should take heads to. Enjoy.